We all know that when December strikes the party season is in full swing, which can often leave most of us depleted. Boosting the gut with friendly bacteria, and keeping on top of the essential nutrients involved in immunity; vitamin c and zinc, can greatly contribute to how you feel in the lead up to Christmas, and how your body responds when you stop. Here are our favourites for the month of madness.

  • 3 for 2

    Synbiotic 7

    • 40 billion live culture strands
    • 7 carefully selected bacteria strains
    • Including 10bn Bacillus Subtilis
  • 3 for 2

    Vitamin D Complex - 1000IU

    • 1000IU of vitamin D per capsule
    • 75 mcg of Vitamin K1 per capsule
    • Ensures adequate vitamin D intake during winter months
    • Helps to support the immune system
  • 3 for 2

    Energy + CoQ10

    • Contains natural adaptogens Siberian & Panax ginseng
    • Contains water soluble B vitamins essential for energy metabolism
    • Fermented CoEnzyme Q10
    • Reduces tiredness and fatigue
  • 3 for 2

    Vitamin C Complex

    • Boosts immunity
    • Chaga mushroom provides powerful antioxidant properties
    • Contains 80mg of naturally occurring bioflavonoids
    • Increases iron absorption