Exciting product updates: Here's everything you need to know!

16th March 2020 / Health / Ingredients

Exciting product updates: Here's everything you need to know!

Emily Shannon

You may have noticed that we’ve gone a little quiet over the last few weeks, and it’s for good reason! We’ve been beavering away behind the scenes working on some VERY exciting things. Lots of you have been asking what we’ve been up to, and we’re so excited to now be able to share everything with you! 

Here at Link Nutrition we work in an ever-changing, super exciting environment, and we want our brand and our products to be at the heart of that. We want our products and the information that we give you on our blog, and across our social channels to be the most accurate, up-to-date information. Not only that, but we love listening to you! We take on board all of your wonderful feedback, which gives us valuable insights into what, you, as Link Lovers want to see from us! So let’s dive in head first, because we really can’t wait to share it with you!



Yes, that’s right - we’ve gone vegan! Here at Link Nutrition HQ, we often get asked whether our products are vegan, so we know this is really important for you all. We wanted to make sure that our products were accessible to everyone. We understand in the current climate, for both health and the environment, vegan products are extremely important, it’s really important for us too! We always want to make sure that we’re reactive to both the market and our customer’s feedback, and by going vegan, we hope to become even more inclusive! We’ve been working closely with our suppliers and nutritionists to build upon our current range (don’t worry your favourites haven’t gone anywhere!) and bring you a range of high-quality supplements that are completely vegan - we know, how exciting! We just want to point out though - our Beauty Complex and our Omega 3 isn’t quite vegan yet, but it’s certainly on our radar and we hope to bring you vegan alternatives to these products very soon!



This might just be our favourite change! As you may know, we’re mad about mushrooms and we can’t get enough of herbs, and these ingredients already sit at the heart of our products. But we’re excited to share with you that now, all our bespoke formulations include powerful fruiting body mushrooms and potent herbal extracts.

You might be wondering what this actually means, but don’t worry! As we’re honing in on the powers of mushrooms and herbs, we’ve got plenty of exciting content coming your way about the benefits of fruiting body mushrooms and potent herbal extracts, so keep your eyes peeled! Essentially though, by making this super exciting change, it means we’re able to always use the correct part of the plant for the specific bioactive compound that we need for each of our different mushrooms and herbs in our formulations. It means our complexes are further complimented by the extraordinary powers of mushrooms and herbs and we hope that you’ll love our products even more! We’ve been on a journey, learning all the wonders of  fruiting body mushrooms and herbal extracts, and we can’t wait to get you up to speed too!

MEET OUR NEW PRODUCTS: Curcumin and Ashwagandha 

Alongside these exciting changes, we’re also bringing you some exciting new products! Listening to your feedback and understanding exactly what you’d like to see from us, it became clear that you’d love both turmeric and ashwagandha products in our range - so we’ve delivered!

We’ve been working so hard behind the scenes to bring these products to you! We thought that turmeric and ashwagandha complement our existing range really well and we know you’re going to love our new formulations! We’ve been working hard to make sure that these new products contain the highest quality ingredients, with potent amounts of their bioactive compounds. The ingredients we include in our formulations, curcumin and ashwagandha are backed up by scientific studies that show the health benefits of both ingredients, which as you know is so important to us. 

Here at Link Nutrition, our philosophy is to combine modern science with traditional eastern medicine; so the inclusion of these new products is at the very heart of this. Stay tuned for your chance to be the first to try these exciting new products across our social channels later in the month - trust us, you won’t want to miss out!




Health and nutrition are complex, and we want our products to reflect that. There isn’t one type of food or any single supplement that will give us radiant health, we need both variety and balance to be in the best of health. At Link Nutrition, we know how important this is, and ultimately, it’s why we want this to be reflected in our formulations. So, with this in mind, some updates to the formulations call for some exciting name changes! We want you to meet our Vitamin C Complex and our Vitamin D Complex, which make up our complex trio alongside B Complex



Here at Link HQ we were wondering how we could make our bottles look EVEN more sleek, eye-catching and well, fantastic! To our surprise, the answer was actually quite simple. We’ve changed our lids, they’ve gone from silver to matt black! We’re pretty chuffed with the change - they look pretty eye-catching alongside our brightly coloured labels. We hope that you like them too!

All of these changes will be heading your way very soon, so keep your eyes peeled! We’re so excited for you to try the updated products as we continuously work to bring you the best Food Based supplements. You can head over to view our full product range here.