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Are Link Nutrition products suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Our supplements are suitable for vegans with the exception of Skin, Hair & Nails and Omega 3 Fish Oil

Why is my supplement a different colour?

Because our supplements are natural, you may occasionally get slight variations in the colour of the supplements you receive. This does not affect the quality of the supplement.

Can I take these supplements while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Link Nutrition supplements have not been designed for pre-natal purposes, however they contain lower doses of nutrients than conventional supplements and so therefore we deem most of them safe. Please note that we do not recommend the Skin, Hair & Nails or Multi Plus supplement for pregnant women, as these contain beta-carotene which is not recommended to supplement during pregnancy. Folic acid is required in pregnancy to reduce the risks associated with neural tube defects. Folic acid can be found in the B-Complex. If you are pregnant we recommend checking with your doctor as personal complications and medications may interfere with the uptake of supplements.

Do I need to take my supplements with food?

People with sensitive stomachs might want to take their supplements with food. That said, Food Based supplements are known to cause less irritation than conventional supplements, so most people will be fine to take them without.

How should I store my supplements?

Store Link Nutrition supplements somewhere cool and away from direct sunlight.

Do your products contain GMO’s?

None of our products contain GMO’s.

What is Food Based?

Food Based™ supplements are nutrients which resemble the vitamins and minerals found naturally in food. These supplements contain their matrix of relative co-factors which promote the absorption and utilisation of nutrients within the body. As a result, this is how they differ from conventional supplements where nutrients are often found in isolate forms or with an attached salt. Food Based™ supplements have a higher potency than conventional supplements which is why the percentage of the NRV is often lower than that found in other supplements.

Where can I buy Link Nutrition supplements?

We are currently available online only from www.linknutrition.com.

I’m interested in stocking your products, do you do wholesale?

If you are interested in stocking our products please contact hello@linknutrition.com.

Do any of your products contain caffeine?

None of our products in our range contain caffeine.

Can children take Link Nutrition products?

Link Nutrition supplements contain lower levels of nutrients than many conventional supplements, as they are contained within their original food matrix. This means they are absorbed and utilised more effectively than isolated nutrients. However, as vitamin recommendations for children differ to those for adults we suggest that supplements for children under the age of 12 years should be recommended by a doctor.

Do you ship internationally?

Please see our shipping page for information about shipping to Europe. For any other countries please contact hello@linknutrition.

What if I’m not in when the product is delivered?

If you are not home when the product is delivered Royal Mail will leave a collection slip and you will need to collect your delivery from the post office.

My order was damaged during delivery or is missing

Please get in touch via our contact us page or at hello@linknutrition.com and our friendly staff will assist you.