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Our full range of products. Food Based vitamins and minerals in the form of Complexes, Boosts and Multi’s, plus health essentials probiotics, omegas, and vegan protein.

  • Multi Plus

    • Contains fermented chaga mushroom
    • Suitable for men and women of all ages
    • Vitamins and minerals most essential to good health
  • Beauty

    • Contains bamboo extract; the richest known source of silica
    • Natural source of antioxidants and beneficial phytochemicals
    • Protect your cells from oxidative stress
    • Support healthy collagen formation
  • Joint Support

    • Turmeric helps fight inflammation
    • Vegan glucosamine
    • Vitamin C is essential for the formation of healthy cartilage
  • Night

    • Glycine improves sleep quality and reduces fatigue
    • Lemon balm induces calmness & improves cognition
    • Magnesium reduces tiredness and fatigue and improves energy levels
    • Montmorency cherries are a source of melatonin
  • Relax

    • B vitamins fight tiredness and fatigue
    • Contains adaptogens siberian ginseng and cordyceps
    • Contains lion's mane, traditionally used as a brain tonic
  • Energy + CoQ10

    • Caffeine free and crash free source of energy
    • Contains the water soluble vitamins your body can’t store
    • Reduces tiredness and fatigue
    • Siberian ginseng and cordyceps are natural adaptogens
  • Brain Food

    • Aids the nervous system
    • Bacopa monnieri has been shown to improve cognition through reducing anxiety
    • Lions Mane helps with cognitive decline, depression and inflammation
    • Support normal psychological function
  • Magnesium

    • Aid performance and recovery
    • Aids normal protein synthesis
    • Fights tiredness and fatigue
  • Vitamin D3 - 1000IU

    • 1000iu of vitamin D per pill
    • Ensure a healthy immune system
    • Ensure adequate vitamin D intake during the dark winter months
    • Helps maintain healthy bones and teeth

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