Our expertly blended Complexes combine Food Based vitamins and minerals with mushrooms and other functional ingredients to deliver a specific benefit. Our nutritionist developed formulas provide ready-made solutions for your everyday needs whether that be getting a good night sleep or meeting the demands of everyday life. There is no need to guess the best combination of ingredients. We have got you covered.

  • Night

    • Fights tiredness and fatigue
    • Improves sleep quality
    • Induces calm
    • Supports against stress and anxiety
  • Brain Food

    • Boosts focus and concentration
    • Keeps the mind and memory sharp
    • Support normal psychological function
    • Supports cell signalling
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    Multi Plus

    • Covers all your nutrient bases
    • Enhances energy levels
    • Provides support for memory and cognition
    • Supports the immune system
  • Skin, Hair & Nails

    • Contains marine collagen and hyaluronic acid
    • Essential for collagen formation
    • Supports optimal cell renewal
    • Targets and fights inflammation
  • Ashwagandha

    • Boosts immunity
    • Enhances energy levels and fights fatigue
    • Helps to support hormone balance
    • Supports against stress and anxiety
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    Joint Support

    • Supports collagen and cartilage development
    • Supports joint and bone health
    • Targets inflammation
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    • Fights tiredness and fatigue
    • Promotes relaxation without drowsiness
    • Reduces stress and anxiety
    • Support normal psychological function