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Our Formula Isn't Make Believe, It's Made For You

You're unique. And when you think about the complex biological processes used to fuel your body, you're pretty extraordinary too.

That's why you need a unique dietary supplement - one that's in harmony with these processes and backed by science.

We believe you're never too busy to lead a healthy lifestyle. Our targeted complexes designed for modern living can help you in specific areas, and serve as the perfect complement to a healthy diet. We've got you covered from am to pm.

Don't compromise. Choose natural supplements with superior results.

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Product Philosophy

Think all supplements are the same? Think again.

Our powerful dietary supplements fuse the best of western science and traditional eastern knowledge. The result is cutting-edge dietary supplements.

Link Nutrition offers nutritionist formulated blends of carefully selected and meticulously researched vitamins, minerals, mushrooms, plant extracts and more.

Find out more about our approach, why you can trust us, and why our Food Based approach to nutrition is breaking the mould.

About Us

The Philosophy

  • Food Based® Nutrients

    Our vitamins & minerals are complete nutrients, like those found in food.

  • Additive Free

    What we leave out is as important as what we put in. We don’t use fillers, binders, or unnatural flow agents like other brands.

  • Effective & Absorbable

    Discover a world of supplements you can trust. Food Based™ supplements are clinically proven to be more absorbable than synthetic supplements.


The Food based Difference

It's not just what we do at Link; it's the way we do it.

Did you know that most vitamins and minerals are manufactured through a chemical process that creates isolated molecules? This is done because it's cheaper, quicker and easier - not better for you.

We're smarter than this. And we always put your health first. Instead of creating regular isolated nutrients our supplements recreate what nature intended. And because your body is used to these more complex Food Based nutrients, they're easier to absorb and more beneficial for your health.

About Us
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