Immunity isn’t just for winter

15th June 2022 / Health / Products

Immunity isn’t just for winter

Emily Shannon

We firmly believe that looking after your immune system isn’t just for Christmas (pardon the pun!). Protecting your Immune System is a long-term game that requires consistency - all year round.

Get ahead of the game

A strong, robust immune system isn’t built overnight, it takes consistent nourishment throughout the year. This is why, now more than ever, we want to help you, and your immunity to overcome the dreaded flu season, to keep you fighting fit and way ahead of the game!

Our immune system is arguably one of the most complex systems in the body, and it’s constantly working to help support us. Despite what you may think, our immune system works night and day, every day of the year - not just in the winter months when we’re told we need to take extra care. 

Often, the reason that so many of us need to take care of our immune system in those critical winter months is that it’s been a little neglected during the summer months. So, imagine how you’d feel come the dreaded flu season, in those dark winter months if you’d given your immune system a little TLC now? 


To thrive, our immune system needs a nourishing and varied diet, adequate hydration, regular exercise and great quality sleep; all of which are potentially lacking in the summer months when socialising is in full swing! So, giving your immune system a little helping hand in the form of our Immune Support supplement could therefore come in quite handy right?

Why Immune Support?

Good for your gut 

With over 70% of our immune system in our gut, it’s no surprise that nourishing your gut is great for your immune system. Immune Support contains bacillus coagulans, one of our favourite probiotics for boosting immunity! 

Essential amino acids

We’ve included essential amino acids l-lysine and l-arginine which support essential immune cells, nourishing the framework of your immune system and keeping it in top form! 

Botanical ingredients 

Alongside the key immune-supporting vitamins and minerals like vitamins C, D and zinc, we’ve gone the extra mile taking inspiration from nature! Immune Support is packed with some of the best immune-boosting herbal ingredients like elderberry and green tea extract to help boost immunity naturally!

Your health couldn’t be more important to us here at Link Nutrition, which is why we’re giving you a FREE Immune Support supplement with every purchase. We hope this will help you feel your best throughout the summer months and get you ahead of the game when flu season strikes!