Jessica on Men's Mental Health

16th June 2020 / Health

Jessica on Men's Mental Health

Jessica S

Our ability to cope with the demands of modern day living, can leave many of us in a chronic stressed state; with a tendency for increased anxiety and poor sleep which can leave us feeling overwhelmed. Therefore when things get too much, this can lead to physical symptoms for all of us, and men are no different! That's why I recommend taking some time to incorporate some stress busting methods into your everyday routine. This could be as simple as mindful breathing, walking or yoga which can help you switch off more effectively, rather pushing yourself to edge of burnout.


The importance of magnesium

Magnesium is a major mineral, essential in supporting our ability to regulate and cope with stress. It can be found in green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale, fruit, nuts and seeds and seafood like salmon, mackerel, tuna. It's commonly insufficient in our diets though, so my tip is to take a Food Based magnesium supplement like Link Nutrition's Magnesium. It’s a Food Based™ form (as all Link Nutrition products are) and so is significantly better absorbed so you need less of it in the supplement. Sometimes, magnesium supplements can often cause stomach upset, but this one is gentle on the stomach without sacrificing effectiveness. 


My go-to supplements for anxiety 

Modern life has meant that stress and poor sleep are becoming all too common. Stretched by our digital, work, social and family lives it is often easy to be sold a short term fix, especially as biochemically our bodies crave sugar and stimulants such as caffeine when we are in an energy deficit. These however, when they are over used, just fuel the fire of chronic fatigue and over-stress. Mentally the body is pushed towards burn-out, which often includes depression or chronic anxiety.


If you wake up feeling drained rather than refreshed this likely means that you have some level of chronic fatigue, if this is the case, I would recommend that you slowly start to nourish the body from the ground up. Make sure your diet is full of healthy fruits and vegetables, pulses, lean proteins and healthy fats. Make sure your basic nutritional needs are met with supplements like Omega 3 Fish Oil, Synbiotic 7 and a multivitamin or a vitamin D supplement, Food Based means easier absorption!


Along side reducing sugar and caffeine, including protein with every meal can help reduce overstimulation of stress hormones. Avoid strenuous exercise, and focus on being gently active by walking, cycling, yoga and pilates. 


Let's talk energy!

If you are genetically a fast metaboliser of coffee this may not be a problem, in fact if this is case, all those coffees are packed with antioxidants, which are good for you. However, if there are tell-tale signs of over stimulation, such as anxiety, poor sleep and jitters, it could be important to address this. Why not try and switch to green tea, this will reduce the caffeine intake by about three quarters, and the l-theanine evens out and lengthens the energy boost.


Another tip is to support your energy production at a cellular level. CoQ10, B vitamins and magnesium are co-factors, that when taken as a supplement can make a huge difference to energy levels. You could also try Energy + CoQ10 by Link Nutrition. This complex is built from a revitalising and stimulating blend of B + C vitamins, siberian ginseng and cordyceps mushroom, all of which work to give the body the essential nutrients it needs to perform at its peak, keeping you firing on all cylinders and maximising your productivity. Unlike caffeine, which leaves you feeling wired, tired and quickly burnt out, this blend works to maintain a longer and stronger level of energy.


Tips to help you sleep

Some people are more productive in the evening, but that shouldn’t be at the expense of good quality sleep. Finding ways to wind down and relax the body into deep sleep is key. Firstly melatonin, your sleep hormone, its promoted by daylight so make sure you get out and about, it's also naturally present in montmorency cherries. Try Link Nutrition's Night complex, which contains this as well as magnesium, lemon balm and reishi mushroom, that have all been shown in studies to enhance relaxation and quality sleep. Lastly wind down with 5 minutes of belly breath, making the inhale longer than the exhale or use a yoga nidra to help you sleep off to sleep easily.