Spring clean your health with Link

27th March 2019 / Health

Spring clean your health with Link

Zoe Milkowski

Spring has officially sprung and we couldn’t be happier about it! It’s time to dust off those wintery lifestyle habits and welcome in a new springtime routine. Spring is the season of rebirth and starting afresh and there really is no better time than the present to get a new spring health regime into full swing!


Here at Link we’ve decided to share with you some of our favourite tips for starting a healthy spring season. So have a read and see how many of these helpful pointers you can add to your springtime grind…


1. Say hello to the sun 

With the sun finally deciding to make daily appearances here in the UK we can start working it into our daily routine and making the most out of the numerous health benefits of sunlight. Why don’t you try using the rising sun as your natural alarm clock? Here in the UK the springtime sunrise is around 6am, which is the perfect time for most of us to be slowly rising and getting ready for work. Not only is this gradual wake up a lot more natural than hitting the snooze button of a buzzing alarm clock, but greeting the morning sun rays actually stimulates your body’s production of serotonin, making you more alert and awake for the day ahead.


2. Get active outside

As well as waking up with the sun, why don’t you try taking advantage of the warmer weather and spend more of your day outside too? You could try meeting a colleague for a lunchtime walk, or even try going for a quick 20 minute jog round the park. You could also try saving yourself some money and walking part (or all) of your journey home, not only is this a perfect way to get in some exercise but it’s also a great way to de-stress after a busy day at the office.


3. Have a good spring clean 

When we talk about spring cleaning your health, a good spring clean in the classical sense of the phrase can also do wonders for your health. A deep clean of your home can be very therapeutic and helps you get into the mindset of starting a new lifestyle routine. Try setting aside one Sunday of the month to open all the windows of the house, let the fresh air in and give the place a good de-dust - is that even a word?


4. Choose a seasonal diet 

It’s time to really take advantage of the new season and fill up on fresh, seasonal produce that is going to have you feeling fresh from the inside out! This is the time to enjoy delicious, vibrant and nutritious fruit and veg at its best, not to mention its cheapest. You can safely put the stews and hot casserole dishes away and welcome in the spring green salad bowls. Eat the rainbow!


5. Let Link give you a helping hand 

As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer our health and consequent supplement needs also change with the seasons. For most of us, the transition into spring means spending more time outside, being active and a need to keep our energy levels topped up.


A strong immune system is vital for the increased time spent outdoors as well as a specially formulated energy boosting supplement to ensure that all of your energy needs are met. Our Food Based Energy + CoQ10 supplement is the perfect natural energy boost that promises to provide a vitalising pick me up without the crash. Our energy specific supplements can be browsed here and our specially formulated “immunity” supplements can be found here.