Top 10 benefits of Food Based nutrients!

8th July 2020 / Health / Ingredients

Top 10 benefits of Food Based nutrients!

Emily Shannon

At Link Nutrition, we’re all about celebrating the Food Based difference, and we want to introduce you to all of the amazing benefits that our unique Food Based nutrients have to offer - they’re nutritional powerhouses!


1. They recreate what nature intended 

Our unique fermentation process bio-enhances nutrients, recreating the sophisticated, naturally occurring matrix that’s present in the food we eat. This complete structure is gentle on the stomach whilst also ensuring optimal bioavailability and superior absorption. The fermentation process includes saccharomyces cerevisiae (this is just the sciencey name for yeast!), which is one of nature's most cherished microorganisms. Using these nutritionally rich miracle workers as the starting material ensures a complete matrix that our body recognises in the same way it does real food. 


2. They’re not simple, they’re complex

Our bodies are complex. They’re made up of many parts (organs, tissues, cells etc) that work together as a system to help you grow and stay healthy. When these parts function correctly, and in harmony, we feel our best. When we fuel our body with whole foods, these structures are also complex to meet the demands of the body. Supplements should be no different.  Don’t worry though, we’ve done the hard work for you! The vitamins and minerals that we use in our formulations are in complex formation with other constituents within a food matrix!


3. They’re complete, just like you’d find them in food

Our Food Based vitamins and minerals are complete, and contain nutritionally rich components including soy natto and saccharomyces cerevisiae. It gets better though! In order for the nutrients in supplements to be absorbed and utilized by our body, they need something called ‘cofactors’. These are essentially helper molecules that our bodies use to absorb the vitamins and minerals that we consume. They are naturally present in the food that we eat, and that should be no different with the supplements that we consume. Our Food Based nutrients are complete, attached to all the beneficial cofactors you’d find in food including phospholipids, phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylserine saponins, phytosterols, amino acids and oligosaccharides. This might sound complicated, but don’t worry all this means is we’re giving our body an extra helping hand as the nutrients are far more absorbable! 


4. They work in harmony with your body

We love this one! Complexity and completeness are key components to the characteristics of food, which means they’re also important in our Food Based nutrients. Part of the synergistic nature of Food Based nutrients is thanks to the complete matrix they live in, alongside protein, carbohydrates and fats that our body needs. This means that they work in harmony with us, they’re easy to digest and gentle on the stomach. As a result, you need much smaller doses. Our doses are meaningful without putting extra pressure on the body, sounds good doesn’t it! 


5. Food Based nutrients are nutritionally balanced

Each vitamin and mineral is a nutritional powerhouse! As we’ve said, they’re complete with amino acids, fibre, and other essential compounds which are essential for our health. Being in complex formation with these nutrients ensures that our Food Based nutrients are highly bioavailable within the body and allows the body to more efficiently extract the nutrients for uptake into cells. It means that they’re balanced. 


6. They're unique 

Our Food Based nutrients are unique, just like you! It’s because they’re attached to all of their relevant cofactors meaning they’re super easy for our bodies to use. When nutrients aren’t complete, they can be referred to as isolated. In order for our bodies to efficiently use the nutrients in supplements, it’s much better if our body is able to recognise them, as they'd be found in food, just like our Food Based nutrients. 


7. They’re amphiphilic, AKA all-loving!

Don’t be put off by the long word, it isn’t as complicated as it sounds! Let’s start off by explaining this in:


  • When a nutrient is absorbed by the body  it is transported to our gut where it must pass through the membranes of the intestinal wall. 
  • The membrane is made up of specialised compounds called phospholipids. These are lined up in rows of ‘water-hating’ and ‘fat-loving’ tails on the inside and ‘water-loving’ and ‘fat-hating’ tails on the outside. This layer is a defence system to keep unwanted compounds out, it's another streamlined defense mechanism our body has in place!
  • For a substance to pass through, the compounds should be both water and fat loving - the phrase given to compounds that display both features is amphiphilic, or as we like to say ‘all-loving’!
  • Food Based nutrients are amphiphilic - this means they are able to pass through the barrier, in simple terms, this means enhanced absorption! Amazing right?! Another reason why we love Food Based nutrients. 

8. They help to fight oxidative stress

Yes, you heard that right! Each nutrient matrix contains a glutathione component that is produced naturally by yeast. Glutathione is one of the body's most important and potent antioxidants that helps to prevent cellular damage that is caused by oxidative stress. Attached to each nutrient, you’ll find one of these naturally occurring components! Pretty amazing right?!


9. They provide added immune support 

Each nutrient matrix contains a beta glucan component that is also provided by yeast. You might have heard us talking about beta glucans before when we talk about mushrooms, that’s because they are great for immunity. Here’s how! Beta glucans help to support our immune system by activating and enhancing the functions of our immune cells; supporting and maintaining our immune defence. With a beta glucan attached to each Food Based nutrient matrix, alongside their primary goal, they can help to support your immune system!  


10. Enhanced digestibility

Digestibility of nutrients within supplements is super important, it’s another important factor for our bodies to be able to use the nutrients in the supplements. Our Food Based process includes yeast, a rich microorganism that has been used for centuries!  To further enhance the digestibility, the yeast cells are pre-digested and “cracked” at the end of the process. 


So, now you know exactly why we love our Food Based nutrients, why not give them a go! Our targeted supplements work in harmony with your body and backed by science! Stay tuned throughout July across our social channels and on the blog, because we’ll be going into more detail about our fabulous Food Based nutrients and giving you even MORE reasons to love them too!  Why not check out our Food Based bestsellers Night, Vitamin D Complex and Brain Food and give the Food Based difference a go!