Top Tips to Reduce City Pollution

29th May 2019 / Health

Top Tips to Reduce City Pollution

Zoe Milkowski

Over 75% of the UK population live in cities, with that figure expected to rise to over 90% by the year 2030. People tend to move for work, friends and various other reasons, but do we really understand the full effects that this national urbanisation is having on our health? As the populations in cities and urban areas increases, the natural environment gets changed and altered through the consumption of energy, water and land. In turn, the urban environment becomes polluted and overpopulated and the health and quality of life of the urban population, us, can become seriously affected.


It all sounds a bit doom and gloom (sorry) but all is not lost! Here at Link we’ve put together a few of our favourite tips to help you cut down on your pollution exposure and protect your health.


1. When you’re sitting in standstill traffic, because let’s face it - this is a daily occurrence if you drive in the city, always remember to set your fan system to recirculate. This tip also applies for travelling through tunnels and closed off streets. The harmful gases from the exhaust pipes of the cars outside as well as the particulate matter (tiny, harmful pollution particles that are breathed deep into the lungs) pass straight through your car air filters and can accumulate and linger in your car cabin.


Even better, why not ditch the car altogether?


It may seem counter-intuitive, but we are actually exposed to less pollution when walking or cycling than in the car. Choosing to walk or cycle not only reduces your personal pollution exposure, but also minimises the total pollution produced and provides you with the added health benefits of exercise. It’s a win-win-win!


2. Another tip for the drivers amongst us… when you’re sat still for a while, be sure to turn your engine off. Not only are you saving energy (and fuel), you’re also reducing the car’s production of exhaust fumes and harmful gases. Another great idea would be to try and share lifts, which essentially halves the amount of pollution produced by both of your journeys.


3. Make use of online pollution maps. If you live in a large city there is bound to be a pollution map available online to help you plan your journey avoiding major pollution hotspots. It’s been estimated that walking on the building side of a pavement (as opposed to the traffic side) can reduce your pollution exposure by up to 30%. These small changes to your lifestyle and routine, when implemented every day, can make a world of difference to your health.


4. It might seem an obvious one (hopefully) but if you live in a polluted area, try and avoid walking/exercising outside during rush hour and peak traffic times. Try to find quiet back routes with less traffic, areas of open space where air can circulate and lots of greenery to give your lungs a healthy workout.


5. Improve your general, overall health and in turn make yourself less vulnerable to the health effects of air pollution. Those of us who are already at risk of various diseases and conditions will inevitably be more sensitive and susceptible to the effects of air pollution. Put your health first and schedule an appointment with your doctor to get the full MOT of health tests. You could also try looking at your diet and exercise regime to see where any improvements can be made. Try and fit some form of movement in everyday - whether this is walking to work (on the quiet back streets of course) or going to a group fitness class with your best friend. There is a form of exercise for everyone to enjoy.


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