A little Link helping hand: Our complexes to support you when the clocks go back

27th October 2019 / Health

A little Link helping hand: Our complexes to support you when the clocks go back

Emily Shannon

The time is upon us again, the clocks are going back, which we all know can really shake up our daily routine! Officially marking the end of the British Summer Time, we say goodbye to warm summer evenings and sunny summer days. BUT, here at Link HQ we like to think about the positives, an extra hour in the mornings as well as a lighter brighter commute, it’s certainly not all bad! There are lots of things that we can do to soften the blow of the time change, with our Food Based supplements complementing the change VERY nicely. 

Firstly, just in case you’re wondering, we wanted to bring you up to speed on why the clocks go back because we often hear lots of tales! It’s actually pretty interesting, it was originally created to make better use of the sunlight hours in the evening, allowing farmers an extra hour to bring in their harvest. ‘Springing’ the clocks forward an hour in March meant that an extra hour of daylight was taken from the morning to the evening, so in October, the clocks go back again. Fascinating really, don’t you think? 

When the clocks change it can have an impact on our sleeping patterns, metabolism and our mood. So, instead of reaching for that extra caffeine-filled coffee to give you an extra energy boost; there are certainly more natural ways to help your mind feel sharp and energised, why not give our Food Based supplements a go? You never know, you might feel more energised, have a deeper sleep, and be on form for the week ahead!


Well, we think we might just have a secret weapon! The most common problems that people say they suffer with when the clocks change are low energy, brain fog and struggling to unwind and relax. Did you know it can take at least a week to reset your body’s natural circadian rhythm? So this is where we come in! Our unique blends cover your every angle of need, helping you to perform at your peak, face everything thrown your way and make the clock change a smooth transition. Sounds good hey?  

Whether you’re needing that extra energy boost or find yourself needed a natural brain boost our blend of Food Based nutrients, with adaptogenic mushrooms and herbs may be just what you are looking for. 


Our stimulating Food Based blend is a natural energiser, and is certainly our go to and even more so when the clocks go back! Packed with invigorating cordyceps mushrooms which increase the amount of ATP in our cells; without which our body wouldn’t be able to produce energy! But it doesn’t stop there, oh no, we’ve also added in CoQ10, yes you heard that right! CoQ10 is essential within our cells, helping to boost our energy levels the natural way. Link’s Energy + CoQ10 blend helps you to maintain your energy levels naturally, helping you to fire on all cylinders, which is pretty essential when the clocks go back!! If that isn't enough, why not have a read of our 'Natural energy boosters' blog for some other top tips for a natural boost!


Brain fog doesn’t have to be a biggie, at Link Nutrition we’ve done the hard work for you. We've created a brain-boosting formula which includes lions mane mushroom, turmeric and bacopa monnieri known for their ability to enhance and maintain optimum brain health, helping you to remain focused even when you think it’s home time (damn you extra hour come 4pm!!). Brain boosting water-soluble Food Based vitamins B and C are added to keep your levels topped up. Sounds pretty good right? We will let you into a little secret… we’re hooked!! Even more so to ensure a smooth transition when the clocks go back, sometimes you need all the help you can get, so why not give it ago? Get your hands on it here! 


This may even be our favourite, we just can’t decide. When the clocks change it can be particularly difficult to relax, the change can make us feel more sleepy and stressed. But, we may just have a saving grace… Our targeted blend of B vitamins and soothing botanicals to help balance and protect has never been so important! Giving our bodies a little helping hand when our cycle is disrupted, our Relax complex is always at the top of our list. Not sure about you, but the clocks can sometimes wreak havoc with our body clock. When our body’s are out of sync it can have a really big impact on our ability to unwind, relax and sleep well. So, why not give our Relax a go? You won’t regret it!