Natural energy boosters: Link's top tips!

24th September 2019 / Health

Natural energy boosters: Link's top tips!

Emily Shannon

Often find yourself running on empty? Reaching for caffeine to power you through the day? Suffering with the post-lunch slump, needing a mid-afternoon boost? You’re certainly not alone! Our energy levels are so important to help us keep up with the demands that are thrown our way. Essential for keeping us focused, but most importantly, they are integral to how we feel so we can get the best out of life! Here at Link we are constantly searching for simple, effective, natural ways to keep us feeling our best. 

Tiredness and fatigue is everywhere, it affects most of the population with the majority of us constantly feeling rushed off our feet. Aside from the obvious getting a good night's sleep to recharge our batteries and ensuring that we are eating well and exercising to help boost our energy levels, we are often still exhausted and grabbing a caffeine pick-me-up…  Here are some top tips for a natural energy boost that will leave you feeling refreshed and ditching the caffeine once and for all.  


It's all well and good starting the day off with coffee, it’s part of most people’s daily routine, but do we really give much thought to natural ways that we can boost our energy and help us feel good all day long? There are a number of things that we can include in our day that help to give us a natural energy boost. 


The food that we eat has a huge impact on not only how we feel but on our energy levels. Instead of reaching for those sweet treats that are loaded with saturated fats and refined sugar that set our blood glucose rocketing, we need to be finding ways to regulate our blood glucose.

Let’s break it down a little bit. Our body breaks down the carbohydrates that we eat into glucose (sugar) which our body uses for energy. To maintain our energy levels, it’s important that we are eating the right carbohydrates in the form, known as complex carbohydrates (wholegrains and leafy greens) rather than simple carbs, like white bread, pasta and rice. These complex carbs are broken down more slowly by our body, which helps to maintain our blood glucose and energy levels. 

Now then, let’s talk snacking… most of us get the munchies mid morning (and then again in the afternoon but hey, who’s judging?) but what are the best snacks for our energy levels? Here at Link HQ we take snacking seriously, so here are our top favourite office snacks! 

  • Nuts (our personal favourites are almonds!) 
  • Seeds, like pumpkin which are packed with magnesium and zinc 
  • Dark chocolate (the darker the better)
  • Fruits (berries are great for simple snacking)
  • Crudites with hummus
  • Crackers with a nut butter (check the labels though for any hidden sugars) 


Keeping hydrated is so important! We’ve all heard time and time again that we need to drink plenty of water, but we can assure you that it’s for good reason! All the cells within our body rely on water to function correctly. Mitochondria are essential components within our cells, and they are no exception. They generate energy in the form of ATP, our body uses ATP to carry out all cellular activities, including cell signalling and cell growth. Without adequate hydration, our cells aren’t able to function correctly, which can affect both our energy levels and how we feel. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day to keep your cells on top form! Top tip: Did you know that some fruits and veggies are more than 50% water? As well as drinking plenty of water, snacking on things like melon and cucumber for a little versatility! 


Who knew that exercise could be the key to increasing our energy levels? Getting regular exercise can help our body in so many ways, from improving our sleeping patterns, sharpening our focus, boosting our cardiovascular health as well as releasing endorphins (our body’s natural feel-good hormones). All of these factors help us to not only feel better but give our energy levels a natural energy boost. Finding a way of exercise that works for you and that you enjoy is key, joining a club and exercising with friends can really help to make it fun. Exercise is one of our favourite energy all-rounders!  


If you still find yourself needing a further boost then we may just have a trump card… Our Energy + CoQ10 complex is our stimulating blend which is naturally caffeine free. Instead of caffeine we use adaptogenic mushrooms, herbal ingredients like siberian ginseng and water soluble vitamins B and C that are known to help naturally boost our energy levels and help us to feel good. 

If you want to try some of our Energy + CoQ10 blend the you can find it here