Foods to beat stress

22nd April 2021 / Health

Foods to beat stress

Emily Shannon

We asked nutritionist Jessica to share some of her favourite foods to help the body beat stress. Check out some of her top favourites below! 


Blood sugar balance plays a crucial role in balancing your level of stress hormones. Having a moderated, continuous supply of blood glucose, without highs and lows that the body has to regulate is ideal for stress-free energy supply to the cells.


Adding at least 20g of protein to any carbohydrate (glucose) in a meal, slows the absorption of the glucose giving you a balanced supply into the blood. Whether you are an omnivore or not, many plant-based proteins such as beans, pulses, nuts, peas, tofu and seeds are a great addition to your diet and will create the healthiest overall diet.


Ceylon Cinnamon

This cinnamon grown in Sri Lanka and it's been shown to be helpful in supporting insulin response. In helping the body regulate blood sugar, it leaves it less exposed to a stress reaction as a result of low blood sugar.


Matcha Green tea

Matcha Green tea contains L-theanine, an amino acid that works on your GABA neurotransmitter pathway. GABA can help you feel focused whist being calm and relaxed - perfect if you feel pressure for example on work projects! It's also packed full of antioxidants to help fight against cell damage caused by oxidative stress.


Lavender, camomile and lemon balm

Best taken in a herbal tea, these fragrant botanicals all have a soothing effect on the nervous system. They can help switch off our active minds and enhance deep quality sleep, which is often the key to being able to face a new day of trials and stresses without being overwhelmed.


Blanched almonds

Magnesium is often lacking in our diets and it's a key nutrient for sleep and stress. Used in many pathways including cortisol (your main stress hormone) and muscle relaxation needed to fall asleep easily and have restful night's sleep. Almonds are one of nature’s best sources of magnesium. Top top: removing the outer brown shell allows the body to better absorb the magnesium in the white inner.


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