How to build a robust immune system

7th October 2020 / Health

How to build a robust immune system

Emily Shannon

Are you wondering how to build a robust immune system, that will leave you feeling tip top all year round?

Unfortunately, and we really hate to be the bearer of bad news, but a strong immune system isn't built up overnight. But fear not, because building up our immune systems is actually pretty fun (well we think so anyway), it involves trying out new forms of exercise, having fun in the kitchen, drinking lots of tea and of course trying out our fab Food Based supplements! Fancy giving it a go? 



Firstly, let’s get some science out of the way, and just talk about what our immune system actually is and how it works. It’s actually pretty simple, we have a lot to thank our immune system for! Our immune system is basically our body’s natural defence system against infections caused by harmful or unfamiliar bacteria and viruses. When they enter our body, they are recognised by our immune system and quickly destroyed.

When our immune system is working at its peak, harmful or unwanted bacteria and viruses enter our body without us even realising. Our immune system destroys them before we have a chance to get poorly. However, and we’re sure you know the feeling, there are times when we need to give our immune system a helping hand. A weakened immune system means our bodies can't fight off the nasties as effectively, so we get poorly. 



Fruits and veggies 


This one may be obvious, but what we really want to emphasize is variety! We should all be eating the rainbow. By doing this, we will be ensuring that we are giving our body all of the vitamins and minerals it needs to function correctly, plus a whole host of other essentials, like phytochemicals, polyphenols and antioxidants! Why not try blitzing fruits into smoothies or juicing your veggies for an added variety? 




We all know that exercise is great, but did you know that is also helps to boost our immune system? Exercise tends to help us work up a sweat which allows us to get rid of any toxins efficiently which is thought to help keep us fighting fit.  




Sleep is more important for our immune health than many of us realise! Without rest, it is hard for our body to function at its best, which really takes its toll on our immune system. To get technical, when we sleep we produce cytokines, which are proteins that are integral to our immune defence. Without the production of cytokines, our immune system is compromised… now that is definitely a reason to make sure we get our shut-eye! 


Get outdoors 


Believe it or not, getting outside in good old outdoors can really do wonders for our immune health. Exposing our immune system to new environments and to bacteria that is new but unharmful to our immune system can make it stronger against the nasties that we actually want to keep out. So get outdoors, get some fresh air and take our word for it, you’ll feel great!



Here is a handful of our favourite immune-boosting foods. We’re loving cooking up a storm with these ingredients, incorporating them into our daily snacks and of course getting them into our teas! Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks as we’ll be sharing some yummy recipes to give you some inspiration on how to get these immune-boosting foods into your daily diet! 


  • Ginger
  • Turmeric 
  • Citrus 
  • Leafy greens 
  • Herbs 
  • Mushrooms 



    Whilst we are mad about getting all of the immunity benefits from foods, we also like it top it off with Food Based supplements to give ourselves that extra boost. With so many different supplements on the market, it can be hard to know what’s best and what we should be taking when. 

    So, with that in mind, let us do the hard work for you. Here are our favourite immune-boosting supplements in our immunity range that we absolutely could not live without: 

  • Immune Support

    Our Immune Support supplement is designed to nurture, nourish and protect both long and short term immunity. Packed with essential immune-strengthening Food Based nutrients, gut-friendly probiotics, amino acids, black elderberry and green tea extracts and reishi mushroom; Immune Support covers all immunity bases!


  • Vitamin C Complex

  • Known for its essential role in our health, vitamin C is known for its integral role in the functioning of a healthy immune system. The nature of our Food Based supplements means that our vitamin C also comes with its naturally occurring bioflavonoids for that extra boost. But… it doesn't stop there! We also boost our formula with zinc which is known to play an essential role within our immune defence. This is definitely an all-round winner. Find out more here.


  • Vitamin D Complex

  • The NHS recommends that everyone in the UK takes a vitamin D supplement, especially during the winter months, and we know we certainly can’t live without ours! Vitamin D plays an essential role in the maintenance of our immune system, and with many of us suffering from vitamin D deficiency throughout winter, perhaps vitamin D could be the missing piece in the immunity puzzle.