The truth about collagen

19th March 2021 / Health / Ingredients

The truth about collagen

Emily Shannon

We’ve all heard of collagen. It’s one of the most searched words when it comes to seeking perfect skin, hair and nails. But what actually is it? Collagen is becoming increasingly popular and with good reason! From the age of 21 female skin loses 7% of thickness every 10 years due to declining collagen levels in the skin. If you want to know the truth behind the superpowers of collagen, keep reading!

Collagen: The science 

First let’s delve into the nitty gritty to find out exactly what collagen is, and why our body needs it. Collagen is actually an important protein that you’ll find in lots of different areas of the body. Like a number of other proteins, collagen is a major protein ‘building block’ that is essential within bones, skin, hair, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Collagen provides the all important strength and structure to these essential tissues within the body. 

Collagen is a fibrous protein that makes up a staggering one third of all protein in the human body. which means it's pretty important! One really important property of collagen within the body is its ability to provide strength and structure, but also provide elasticity. It’s this property that means it's essential for skin health. 

What happens are we age 

You may have guessed it, but as we age levels of collagen actually begin to decline. In a similar way to hyaluronic acid (check out last week's blog for more info on this special substance!), as we age levels of collagen within the body naturally begin to decline. Unfortunately, this means that the structural integrity of the skin declines. Declining collagen levels are categorised by ‘ageing’ of the skin, most notably wrinkles and sagging of the skin. In some cases, skin can also appear more dull with less of a glow. The good news is, there are ways you can support this natural process and boost your collagen levels. 

Foods rich in collagen

There are certain foods which can help to ensure you get your daily dose of collagen which include bone broth, oily fish (with the skin on) and skin. Bone broth is one of the richest sources of collagen. Not only is it great for your skin, hair and nails but it will provide support for your joints and bone health too!

Take a supplement

Our Skin, Hair and Nails supplement is specifically designed to support your skin, hair and nails. This of course means that in each daily dose you’ll find a hefty dose of marine collagen! You’ll also find lots of other skin, hair & nail boosting nutrients include bamboo extract, hyaluronic acid, selenium and vitamins C & E.

If you want to discover more ways to support your skin, hair and nails then check out our FREE Skin, Hair & Nails guide we’ve created in partnership with Nutritional Therapist Libby Limon! It’s jam packed with delicious recipes, top tips plus a little bit of the science! You can get your hands on yours here.