What to eat for glowing skin

17th March 2021 / Health

What to eat for glowing skin

Emily Shannon

Lockdown 3.0 wreaking havoc on your skin? We hear you! If you’ve ever wondered which are the best foods to support your skin are, then you’ve come to the right place! The truth is, there are a number of nutrients that we can focus on to support glowing skin and you may also be pleased to know that it doesn’t stop there. Keep reading for a few, easy tips and tricks to help keep your skin healthy - most of them much easier than you think! 

First things first, let’s jump into the basics! You may be surprised to learn that our skin cells renew themselves approximately every 23-27 days. This means any changes you make to your dietary habits, exercise pattern and sleeping patterns won’t be seen immediately. This means that it's important to really stick to any changes you make, trust us - the results will be worth the wait! 

Celebrate citrus! 

Citrus fruits are packed with vitamin C. Vitamin C is packed full of antioxidants that fight inflammation within the body. Not only that, but vitamin C is essential for the production of collagen. We’ll talk more about collagen later in the month, but in short - collagen is an essential protein that helps to keep skin looking ‘plump’ and youthful. Fuel up on foods rich in vitamin C like oranges, lemons and limes as well as other veggies like red peppers, sprouts and sweet potatoes

Stock up on Selenium! 

Selenium  is another powerful antioxidant. Selenium works alongside other essential vitamins, including vitamins C and E to keep skin healthy. Studies have also shown that selenium can be beneficial  at protecting your skin against sun damage and age spots! Brazil nuts are a rich source of selenium, just 4 nuts a day will provide you with all the selenium your body needs! Other great sources include broccoli, tomatoes, eggs and shellfish

Vitamin E 

Vitamin E protects cells from damage, known as oxidative stress. Its oxidative damage, and ‘stress’ on our body cells, including skin cells that can cause both disease and damage within the body. When it comes to skin cells, oxidative stress causes ageing. This appears as wrinkles, dull skin and sagging. Eating plenty of vitamin E-rich foods is a great way to keep your levels topped up! Try adding plenty of almonds and avocados to your diet to make sure you’re getting plenty of vitamin E to keep your skin glowing and youthful!

Other tips for keeping your skin looking and feeling it’s best are to include plenty of healthy fats daily, including extra virgin olive oil, nuts and seeds and oily fish including salmon and sardines. These will provide essential fatty acids and make your skin glow. Last but not least, it’s super important to always remain hydrated. Aim for 6-8 glasses of water each day for maximum benefit! 

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