What to eat this Autumn

14th October 2020 / Health

What to eat this Autumn

Emily Shannon

You may be thinking that in order to boost immunity this Autumn to need to rush to the supermarket and purchase the latest ‘superfood’, but you’ll be please to know you absolutely don’t.

Firstly, what are superfoods and are they really worth the hype?! ‘Superfoods’ are often associated with extreme fad diets, have long unpronounceable names and usually come with a pretty hefty price tag… but are they really worth the money and do their nutritional benefits really stack up?

Have you ever wondered what a superfood actually is? The answer is actually a little simpler than you might think! ‘Superfood’ is the name given to particular foods that have a high nutrient density - sounds good right?! You might be thinking it’s worth including plenty of these so called ‘superfoods’ into your diet - it’ll help to boost your immunity and support your long-term health… win win! In reality, it’s important to mention here that the term ‘superfood’ isn’t commonly used amongst health professionals, including nutritionist, dieticians or nutritional scientists. But why?

The truth is, here at Link Nutrition, we look past ‘superfoods’ and hero British produce. From a nutritional standpoint, superfoods like blueberries, goji berries and spirulina are highly nutritious but that doesn’t mean they are any better than the standard British carrot, potato or radish! Here at Link Nutrition we try and aim to eat with the seasons and try to choose British where possible! But what does this mean in terms of immunity?

Top immune-boosting foods to choose this autumn

Nurturing your immune system with the foods that you eat everyday couldn’t be more important for your long-term health! So, to give you a little helping hand, we’ve picked some of our top favourite immune-boosting foods that are abundant in the UK in autumn. This means that not only are these foods at their peak (meaning they are the most delicious!), they’re readily available and generally available to purchase at the reasonable price - win!


Pumpkins aren’t just for halloween! They’re versatile, incredibly delicious and super cheap! Both squash and pumpkin are part of the same family and come into seasons in autumn. They’re rich in vitamin A, C + E which help to support the immune system. In need of some recipe inspo for the humble squash?! Why not check out this delicious Squash & Chickpea Curry, topped with fragrant coriander and coconut yoghurt. Head here for the full recipe! 


Beetroot is a nutritional powerhouse! It’s packed full of antioxidants that help to bolster the immune system. It’s also rich in iron, manganese and vitamin C which are essential to support immune health during the autumn and winter months. You may be wondering the best way to include British beetroot into your everyday diet? Try roasting it up and adding to a warm salad with honey and goats cheese! 

Brussel sprouts 

The humble brussel sprout is usually one of the stars of the show on Christmas Day, but we have news for you! Brussel sprouts aren’t just for the big day! They’re in season from autumn onwards and they are jam-packed full of vitamin C which means your immune system will LOVE them! 


Another star of the Christmas dinner that can boost your immune system in autumn and beyond! Cranberries are high in fibre and rich in vitamin C, which means you guessed it, provide great immune support. Try making a fruiting cranberry compote and adding into your yoghurt, porridge or pancakes! 


Turnips are another British veggie that often gets forgotten about! It’s a versatile veg that can be mashed, roasted or baked and is another great immune-booster! Turnip is a root vegetable and can be added into a number of dishes - it’s a firm favourite here at Link Nutrition! 

These are just a few of the fruits and vegetables that are in abundance in Autumn, support the immune system and prove that British is best! We want to show you that you don’t need to purchase exotic superfoods to follow a healthy, balanced diet that nourishes your immune system! It’s worth mentioning that there is nothing better than an in-season british berry (we LOVE blueberry pancakes!) but championing the seasonal approach, supporting local farmers and reducing food miles is always our top priority! 

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