Why we love seasonal fruits and veggies

4th October 2019 / Health

Why we love seasonal fruits and veggies

Emily Shannon


Here at Link Nutrition, we are mad about fruits and veg! More importantly, we’re passionate about seasonal fruits and veggies. If you follow us on Instagram then you’ll know that last week we introduced our ‘veg of the week’, where each week we will let you know which seasonal fruit or veg we’ve been loving that week!  


Eating seasonally is everywhere right now, but the truth is, it should never have gone out of fashion! There is a reason why fruits and veggies are in season when they are, they provide us with the nutrients that we need during that part of the year, they’re totally delicious, and it's great for the planet too!

You may actually be wondering what the term ‘eating seasonally’ actually means, it's actually pretty simple. It just involves buying and eating the fruits and veggies when they are in season and at their peak in terms of nutritional value. Globalisation means that we are now able to grow pretty much everything somewhere in the world, all the time. So when we talk about eating seasonally, we are talking about eating locally produced food when it’s in season. 

Another perk of seasonal, locally produced fruit and veg is often its organic! This is a another big benefit! Organic means that the fruits and veggies have been grown without the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides… basically it's veggies without the nasties, because they’re great just as they are! Plain and simple. 

Let’s face it, there is nothing better than the taste of a good old British strawberry during the summertime when they are perfectly ripe and in season. We think that things took a turn when the demand for the humble British berry began in December, strawberries don’t belong with our Christmas lunch! 


There are so many reasons why eating fruits and veggies when they are in season is great, here are just a few (but honestly, if we listed all of them we’d still be here next week)... 


Yes, you heard that right, eating in season is also better for your bank account! When we eat fruits and vegetables when they are out of season in the UK, we are also paying for cargo shipping to actually get them over to us. This means that they are much more expensive to buy, have you ever noticed how much cheaper strawberries and raspberries are in the summer? The same can be said for figs in September! So, start shopping seasonally and start seeing your food bill plummet!


We think that this is a big enough reason to shop seasonally in its own right! Just think for a moment, how far some fruits and vegetables have to come if they are grown in say, Egypt (this is where a large number of out of season berries come from). Pretty far hey?! Now think how far a locally grown strawberry from Kent or Scotland has to travel to our table. You’ve cut out a whole load of trucks, planes and ships for just one fruit! This is much more sustainable and environmentally friendly and comes with a much lower carbon footprint, definitely something to keep in mind we think! 


As a general rule, it’s usually said that the fresher the produce, the better it is for us. This is no exception for fruits and vegetables. This means that the nutrients in fruits and veggies are at their best, ready for our bodies to easily absorb and for our cells to use. Once you start, you’ll notice the difference in the smell, colour and taste, between fresh, organic produce, and produce that has come from across the world. There really is a huge difference!

Perhaps above all, our favourite reason to eat seasonally is it’s super exciting! It keeps the variety in our diets, which from a nutrition perspective is essential, but it also means that there is always something new on the menu. Getting creative in the kitchen is all part of the fun when it comes to eating well, so why not embrace seasonality?! We certainly can’t get enough and want all the seasonal, wonky veg thrown our way, who’s with us?


Where can I get my hands on the best seasonal, local produce I hear you ask! Well, your local farmers market is your best bet. This means that not only are you eating the best, seasonal produce you can buy but you’re also supporting your local farmers. 

Good supermarkets often have a seasonal section too, this can be more accessible and easier for people to find. But, what could be more satisfying than actually growing your own?! Even if you’re a total beginner, why not give it a go. Home-grown, seasonal fruits and veggies, is there anything better? 

Or, if that’s too much for you, why not try getting your groceries from Farmdrop? Head over to Farmdrop’s website, where everything available is sustainable, seasonal and locally sourced, but it gets better… They deliver to your door! Oh, and one more thing, you can also bag yourself some of our food based supplements too, you’re welcome!  

We got creative on a ‘veg of the week’ photo shoot recently here at Link HQ. Our creative juices were definitely flowing and we’ve had several brain waves for recipes and seasonal surprises with some seasonal superheroes! So stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled (pardon the pun) for some exciting seasonal recipes coming your way over the next few weeks!