Joint Support

Joint Support

Feel better, move better

We tend to take our joint health for granted until we can't. Whether you’re proactively trying to protect your joints from strenuous exercise, or whether you’re seeking relief from aches and pains developed over the years, our Joint Support complex can help.

  • Turmeric helps fight inflammation
  • Vegan glucosamine
  • Vitamin C is essential for the formation of healthy cartilage
  • Allergen Free 14 Main Allergen Free
  • Made In Britain Made In Britain
  • Food Based Food Based
  • Raw Ingredients Raw Ingredients
  • Vegan Vegan
Joint Support Joint Support

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Is Joint Support for me?


Joint support is beneficial for anyone and everyone either looking to protect their joints from an active lifestyle, provide relief from existing joint damage, or even for both reasons. Our Food Based Joint Support should be a regular in everyone’s supplement routine for prolonged protection from troublesome aches and pains.


The Key Ingredients


Vegan-friendly glucosamine - an amino sugar that acts in our bodies as a building block for joint cartilage.


Our complex also contains added turmeric powder proven to reduce inflammation and provide antioxidant power.


Vitamin C has also been included in this blend as it is vital for healthy joint collagen and cartilage formation. Food Based vitamin C is 35% more absorbed and 1,210% more bioavailable than isolated ascorbic acid. It is also better retained in the body with less excretion in the urine. In addition to this, Food Based vitamin C provides naturally occurring bioflavonoids to fight inflammation in the body.


What is Food Based?


Synthetic vitamins often consist of a single substance; a chemically isolated form of what we consider to be an essential nutrient to health. Food Based vitamins are different. They contain the whole matrix of naturally occurring nutrient components including glycoproteins, lipids, bioflavonoids and vitamins. All these components work in synergy to help your body more effectively recognise and make the most of the nutrients it is provided.


Nutritional Information

Quantity: 60 Capsules

Directions: Take two capsules a day with or without food.

2 Capsules Provide Quantity % NRV*
Vitamin C 20mg 25
Boron 2mg NA
Bioflavonoids 8mg NA
Glucosamine sulphate 1000mg NA
Providing: glucosamine base 780mg NA
Turmeric powder 20mg NA
Reishi mushroom 20mg NA
*EU NRV(Nutrient Reference Value)


Ingredients: Glucosamine sulphate (vegan fermented), capsule (vegetable cellulose), nutrient enhanced yeast providing boron; vitamin C and bioflavonoids incorporated in citrus pulp, reishi mycelium powder (fermented), turmeric root powder.

Free From: Added fillers, binders and excipients. Gluten, soya and preservatives. Contains no live yeast at time of manufacture.

Precautions: Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Keep out of reach of young children. This product is no substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medication or have a medical condition, consult your doctor before use. Do not use if seal under the lid is broken or missing. Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.



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A continued support for your body

These are the best supplements I have used for my hypermobility. Down to their natural content and benefits, I will continue to buy them.

Deffinetely recommend this product

I do lots of running and I have definitely noticed an improvement in my joints. Much less pain in my knees and speedier recovery than before taking these tablets. Very satisfied customer :-)


Vegan Glucosamine

The glucosamine we use in our Joint Support is completely free from any animal products making our Joint Support fully vegan friendly.

Glucosamine is a vital amino sugar required for the production and maintenance of healthy cartilage, a tough yet flexible connective tissue that provides padding and support at the ends of two bones where they meet at a joint. As we age our body's production of glucosamine slows and we makes less of it. Without a good supply of glucosamine and healthy cartilage our joints cannot function correctly which can lead to further joint damage and often incapacitating aches and pains. Glucosamine is virtually impossible to get through diet and with 360 joints in the human body it is clear to see why glucosamine supplementation is so important.

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Food based supplements are the natural medium between isolated vitamins found in synthetic supplements and the complex, full-matrix vitamins locked up in the nutrients in food. We provide the missing Link between the food you eat and the nutrients you need.

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