Jessica's Glow Green Juice

5th January 2021 / Recipes

Jessica's Glow Green Juice

Jessica S

There is no such thing as ‘January detox’! Our detoxification processes happen in real time, every second of every day. Having said that, you may be pleased to know that anything you did in December will be long gone, and out of your system by January!

However, you can give your liver some love and attention if you have given it a hard workout over the festive season! My favourite recipe is this green vegetable juice with a combination of celery and cucumber for hydration, green leafy vegetables like spinach and parsley for your liver pathways plus lemon and ginger for digestion and taste of 'zing'... It'll help you glow like new, especially if you have it every day!

Glow Green Juice - serves 1 

2 sticks celery
¼ cucumber
50g spinach
10 parsley
1 thumb ginger
½ lemon


1. Wash all ingredients thoroughly. Pass the ingredients (except the lemon) through a cold press juicer. Once juiced, squeeze in your lemon juice. Transfer into a glass and enjoy! 

You can make batches and freeze them too, defrost in the fridge over night. Add in a couple of Link Nutrition Curcumin capsules to really supercharge your liver wellbeing!