Top tips for boosting motivation and productivity in isolation

27th May 2020 / Health

Top tips for boosting motivation and productivity in isolation

Emily Shannon

With many of us facing the challenges of home working, juggling work and family life with homeschooling (for many) thrown in for good measure, it’s easy to see why productivity and motivation might be starting to slide as we head further and further into the new ‘normal’. Days begin to blend into one, and it's more challenging than ever to maintain that all-important work life balance.

We’ve come up with some top tips to help keep you feeling productive and motivated and most importantly positive during this time.  The simplest of things can help to bring comfort during difficult times and for us that means making time to have a cup of tea in the morning before the world wakes or having a bath with your favourite bath oil once a week - we love neom!  Seeing the positives in a situation also helps to adjust your mindset. This could be getting a chance to have a walk outside before work in the morning instead of the daily commute, or having a chance to make breakfast at home when it would usually be grabbing something quickly before heading into the office. Whilst times like these throw up new challenges, keeping positive and reflecting on the smaller things, can really help to keep you motivated and boost productivity levels! So, let’s get started…


Make something delicious for breakfast

We think it’s more important now than ever to start the day the right way and for us it means making sure we’ve got time before a work catch-up at 9am! However you like to start your day, why not make yourself your favourite breakfast? We’ve included some of our favourite breakfast recipes in our Stress and Anxiety Download which you can find here! Starting the day with a nutritious breakfast is a great way to fuel your body for the day ahead, giving the vital nutrients it needs to perform at its peak. Some of our go-to’s are poached eggs and avocado, nutty granolas, breakfast smoothies and overnight oats! Check out Deliciously Ella’s site for some delicious breakfast inspo. You can also learn more about the best foods to fuel your brain in our blog here

Let us do some of the hard work! 

There are two products that we can’t seem to get enough at the moment and they are Brain Food and Energy + CoQ10. Brain Food is our home-working saviour and Energy + CoQ10 helps to boost our energy levels naturally, which does wonders for our motivation and productivity! What’s EVEN better, is that we’ve recently updated our formulations, so our Brain Food and Energy + CoQ10 are more powerful than ever!

Energy + CoQ10

Our Energy + CoQ10 formula is a stimulating blend of vitamins, minerals and natural adaptogens including siberian ginseng, and cordyceps mushroom. We’ve recently updated our unique formula that also contains fermented CoQ10 and essential B vitamins to support energy yielding metabolism, target fatigue, maintain energy levels and give the body the nutrients it requires to perform at its peak. To make it even better, we’ve added in ashwagandha and panax ginseng! It’s an energy-boosting blend that helps give us that all important natural energy boost to power us through an afternoon of home-working! Alongside our Energy + CoQ10 you can find out more about our favourite natural energy boosters here

Brain Food

Our Brain Food contains the best brain-boosting vitamins and minerals all of which aid the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and support the maintenance of the nervous system. This unique formula supports and prioritizes brain health with a blend of brain-boosting vitamins and minerals alongside lion's mane mushroom known to support cognitive function and bacopa monnieri a natural adaptogen! To further boost the power of Brain Food, our new formulation now included fruiting body Lion's Mane mushroom, ginkgo biloba extract, turmeric extract and black pepper to boost absorption. You can read more about the new changes here!  We couldn’t be without it at the moment - it’s one of our favourite isolation supplement saviours!

Get involved in Isolation Baking

Baking something yummy is a great way to add some positivity to the day! It helps you to take your mind off work and helps you to fill your time with something creative that you might not normally have so much time to do! We’ve seen so many people get creative on Instagram - it’s a great way to connect with others and try something new! What’s even better if you get to eat something delicious at the end - win win! So far we’ve enjoyed making oaty cookies, tahini banana loaf, easy energy balls and LOTS of granola! You can head to our instagram page for all the recipes!


Make time to unwind

It’s important that we try to keep a work life balance, even when for most of us, ‘work’ is now every room in the house! We no longer have that daily commute to switch our minds from home to work or work to home - meaning some of us find ourselves struggling to get motivated or be productive in the daytime so stretch out our work into our evenings and weekends. A top tip to help beat this is to stick to your normal working hours. This might sound simple - but we’re hearing so many people logging onto their laptop when they’d normally be commuting, and not logging off until they’d normally get home. 

Creating longer days unintentionally can actually not be so great for productivity levels. Subconsciously, we end up at our desks longer but may find our mind wandering or find ourselves browsing on the internet! Instead, try to fill the time you’d normally spend commuting in the morning with your favourite podcast, book or making a yummy breakfast. In the evenings, why not dedicate your commute to trying a new hobby or getting some fresh air. Try anything, but just remember to close your laptop - it will help you to keep focused the next day, trust us!


Stick with your sleep routine 

As we are all out of routine, it can be easier to stay up later and get up just before your morning work call - but sticking with your sleep routine is super improved to keep your motivation high! Why not try getting out in the morning for some fresh air in the park? Be as strict as you can with hitting the sheets in the evening too, why not have a warm bath, read some of your favourite books or listen to a podcast. Don’t forget our Night is always on hand to help! If you’re having trouble sleeping why not give it a try? We’ve included magnesium, lemon balm and reishi mushroom (to name just a few!) designed to help you fall asleep more easily and most importantly stay asleep!

If you’re still struggling, then why not check out our “Stress Hacks'' blog? We’ve put together a blog of all our favourite things that we think could help to keep you feeling both positive and productive in isolation! There’s also still a chance to get 20% off our Stress & Relaxation range when you download our Stress & Anxiety eBook - head here to download yours now!